When it comes to the trade of providing damp proofing services we are the experts. Our range of services includes weatherproofing, condensation control, basement treatment and rot treatments. In other words, our company is all about making sure that your building or residence is safe from the effects of water, in all of its forms.

The water proofing needs of a residential building differs a great deal when compared to that of a community, recreational, commercial or industrial building. As professionals in the trade, we have the full ability to take on projects on all sorts of buildings such as hospitals, schools, theatres, factories, shopping malls and even churches and other old buildings. Apart from being backed by our adept staff of licensed surveyors, structural engineers and well qualified technicians we are always on top with the latest inventions and technical methods to make sure that our services are always up to the highest of professional standards.

Being a damp proofing professional puts a great deal of responsibility on our hands as we are offering our services with a comprehensive guarantee. With us as your service provider, you will never have to ponder about unsought mould growths or decaying floorboards as once the job is done, it is done with the highest quality products and handled by reliable and well practiced, capable hands.

Of the many property care and damp proofing service providers in the country, we stand out as highly trusted and qualified company due to the many operations that have been completed in success by our dexterous employees. Our clients are always given the best customer care and are provided with the necessary information on all aspects of the project from cost and used products all the way to the scope and timeline. We are always concerned about providing our clients with the best of services at affordable prices as well as by sticking to a reasonable timeline. This is why we have taken one step forward to make our information available to you at the click of a mouse to help you solve all of your damp proofing needs with ease, trust and true professional confidence.

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